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Trees R Us has several years of experience in the arboriculture industry. We provide tree services for residential homes and commercial properties, including trimming, removal, stump grinding, brush clearing, and lot clearing. Looking for a tree company near you? Our highly-trained specialists can handle any project you throw at them and we are always on standby for emergency services such as storm damage cleanup.If you need a dependable and experienced arborist to manage your trees, look no further than Hire an Arborist.

Tree Service Baton Rouge

Trees R Us Tree Service specializes in delivering quality tree services at an affordable rate. We are an industry-leading tree service company that provides our customers with exceptional workmanship and value — including impeccable attention to detail and customer service. Effective, efficient, and safe tree services are guaranteed, backed by over 12 years of experience in the industry. With a diverse range of services and an excellent team, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

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After calling, our tree service experts arrive on site to assess the project and issue a completely free quote.
Quality Tree Service
Once approved, our expert arborists perform the outlined tree service to completion safely and effectively.
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Before leaving the job site, customer approval and complete job site clean up occurs.
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Ashley Zanders
Ashley Zanders
We used Trees R Us to remove 3 live trees and 1 that was already dead and they did a great job. They were able to knock it out in two days. Very clean, removed all trees from the property and left the yard the way they found it. Very professional, affordable and reliable. Would definitely recommend them and plan to use them again.
Lucinda Griffin
Lucinda Griffin
Trees RUs LLC is a great tree service! If at . anytime you need tree pruning or cutting they're the ones to call. I'm very satisfied!!😊
He did a really great work did the big tree on the side of my house . So professional and friendly I highly recommend.
Gabby Garcia
Gabby Garcia
Very satisfied with Isaac ! He took down a tree at my parents house , that was a danger to the house and the neighbors house , He took it down with care and made no damage to either property’s !!
Isabel Rojas
Isabel Rojas
Love their job, always on time, exceed my expectations, thank u

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Residential Tree Service Baton Rouge

Residential Tree Service

The exterior of your home is an important part of the curb appeal and can be a deciding factor for potential buyers. A tree that’s overgrown or damaged can impact the value of your property. If you’re in need of residential tree service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are here to help. Our team will trim trees so they don’t interfere with power lines or other structures around them, remove diseased or dead trees from your yard, and more!

Commercial Tree Service

Trees R Us Tree Service is a family owned and operated tree service company that has been serving the Baton Rouge area for over 12 years. We provide commercial tree services to businesses in Baton Rouge, LA. Our experience in this industry is unmatched by anyone else in the area. Trees R Us prides itself on providing complete customer satisfaction with every job undertaken.

Commercial Tree Service Baton Rouge

Our Services

Tree Service

Tree service technicians are tree care professionals who ensure trees on properties remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing. With proper tree service, property upkeep and aesthetics can be maintained and damage can be prevented.

Stump Removal

Removing stumps is a meticulous process, being able to access all sides of the stump is critical in order to grind it out. Removing trees from properties that aren’t level, or are up steep hills is not impossible — but it requires some extra elbow grease and careful planning.

Tree Removal

tree can be a dangerous issue, so we offer emergency services to remove them safely from your property. We also offer tree trimming and pruning for healthier trees and professional landscaping — working with you to create a space that fits your needs.

Tree Trimming

The only thing that prevents trees and bushes from taking over your lawn is good maintenance. If you don’t keep an eye out, low-hanging branches can easily become a trip hazard on your property. This might seem minor now, but it could lead to a bigger problem.

Tree Planting

When you choose a tree for your property, trust the experts to guide you every step of the way. Our arborists have extensive experience and accreditation in selecting the ideal species of trees for any needs or environment — because they know what works best!

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Trees have a miraculous way of maintaining life. These techniques help to make sure your tree’s structure stays intact from the force of strong winds and thunderstorms. It also helps tree’s grow away from important structures that you may not want tree branches over.

Affordable tree service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Affordable Tree Service

Tree R Us Tree Service has the knowledge and experience to take on any tree removal job. We offer a wide range of services including cutting, grinding, pruning, and removing dead limbs from trees that have been diseased or damaged. When it comes time for your next big project call us first so we can be there to help you out! Take a look at our tree services below and click to learn more!

Tree Removal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tree removal in Baton Rouge is not easy. Louisiana has some of the most beautiful trees on earth, and they can be found all throughout this state. They affect property value, aesthetics, as well as safety for a house’s inhabitants – especially children playing nearby or cars, parked close by if it falls over at any moment! Make sure you hire an expert to deal with these problems when removing a tree becomes necessary to near your home so that no one gets hurt or injured during its fall. Tree removals can be a scary process, but the experts at Trees R Us Tree Service know how to get it done quickly and efficiently. With over 12 years of experience in tree trimming and tree removals, our team is confident that we’ll have your trees down in no time! Give us a call today for your free instant quote.

Tree Removal Service Baton Rouge
Tree Service near me

Tree Service Near Me

When you hire us for tree removal or other services, you are getting not just good quality work but also peace of mind. Even if the process is a lengthy one that takes several visits and plenty of work from our team, you will never have to worry along the way. Our professionals really do know what they are doing when it comes to performing tree services for others; their years of experience mean that they have dealt with every type of situation imaginable. Whatever the case may be regarding the health of your trees on your property, no homeowner should feel compelled to try and carry out any sort of tree care themselves. It doesn’t matter if you decide to get rid of a limb, prune some branches, or remove a tree entirely, getting the job done by an actual arborist is far safer and more efficient. With this in mind, you can feel confident that you will get exactly what you need for your house to look great while remaining safe. The professionals at Trees R Us Tree Service take our role in protecting the health of trees on your property very seriously; we understand just how crucial it is to use proper techniques when performing any type of tree service. As a result, we are able to guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. While some companies make promises that they cannot fulfill, we will not leave the Jobsite until you are happy with the result of our tree services.

Tree Service Professionals

We offer free quotes on tree services, regardless of the type of job that you might need. From tree removal to pruning a large group of trees in your yard, our staff will come out for an inspection and let you know what we recommend doing. During this time, we will also take some time to answer any questions which you might have about the process so that you understand everything that is involved before making a decision. This way, there are no surprises before or after we provide service for you.

Affordable Tree Service Baton Rougr
Arborist Baton Rouge

Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of tree removals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is between $1000-$3000. Tree removal is a service for those who are looking to remove trees from their property. What type of tree will be removed? How big is the tree and how tall does it stand? Are there any structures underneath increasing risk? All these questions can help in determining what sort of pricing you should expect when hiring someone to do this job. Prices are generally higher in Baton Rouge due to the large population of live oak and magnolia trees which require much more skill and equipment to remove.

Hiring a Professional Tree Service Company

One of the best things that you can do to ensure the health and safety of your trees is to use a professional tree service company. A good tree company will provide proper tree care for your property, allowing you to reap all of the benefits of having trees without worrying about damage or infestations. To get started on finding the right contractor for this job, take some time to research companies in Baton Rouge before making a decision. This way, you can ask plenty of questions about their past work so that you know what kind of experience they have dealing with each species that grows in your area. Professional tree services can be hired for any type of work, from regular trimming to large removals. If you do not have the time or knowledge required to properly care for your trees, it will be better for you to hire someone with experience and education in this field. A professional will know what steps are required to keep your trees healthy and strong as well as diagnose problems before they become serious issues. Tree service companies should also provide proper storage of removed materials so that they aren’t a hazard while still on site. In addition, professional tree services should always use the latest equipment and techniques in order to complete their projects efficiently and safely. The choice between hiring a tree company or doing the job yourself is one that many homeowners struggle with. Some people are confident in their own abilities to handle the task, whereas others cannot even conceive of taking on such a large project. Deciding which route to go is akin to picking insurance: you will never know if you need it until something happens that prompts you to use it. Hiring an arborist can be an excellent decision for any property owner; while you may think that doing the work yourself will save some money and get the job done faster, this just isn’t so.

Tree Stump REmoval Baton Rouge
Best Affordable Tree Service near me

Best Tree Service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Trees are a big part of any home; they add curb appeal and increase the value of your property. However, if you do not properly care for them, they can quickly become safety hazards and liabilities. You need to take the time to learn how to maintain your trees and what tree service options are available in your area because ignoring problems could cost you tons of money and even your health. The professionals at Tree Services R Us understand that your trees are a huge investment so we want to help keep them healthy and looking good. We offer tree care services including tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, tree planting, and more. We will work closely with you every step of the way and our certified arborists will make sure to inspect the health of your trees before performing treatments or tree service jobs in order to determine which options are best for maintaining their condition. Our priority is making sure that you are happy with our work while also preserving the overall health of your trees. As Certified Arborists, we adhere strictly to set industry standards based on ethics and excellence when it comes to any type of tree service.


Best tree Service Baton Rouge

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