Affordable Tree Service

Affordable Tree Service


Stump removal

The removal of a tree can be traumatic for the homeowner. The stump is left behind and needs to either get removed or somehow evened out with soil so that it isn’t an eyesore in your yard. Stump grinding, using heavy machinery such as power grinders, will remove most stumps without any need for chemical usage of herbicides like glyphosate which has become controversial recently due to concerns about its harmful effects on humans and animals alike; there is no use for wasting resources by spraying chemicals when you could simply hire someone who knows how cutting-edge equipment works!

Tree Removal

If a tree becomes problematic, it may need to be removed. This could include the removal of dead branches and dangerous trees that are rotting or showing signs of decay. If you’re in Baton Rouge LA, these issues should be addressed by an arborist as soon as possible because we experience heavy rainstorms throughout the year!

Tree Trimming

Tree pruning is a vital step that needs to be done either in commercial or residential properties. It’s essential for the overall health of the tree and will allow it to keep producing effectively. Dead, damaged, or diseased parts need to be cut off so as not to harm other healthy portions of the tree; this process should only ever be done by trained professionals.

Residential/Commercial Service

Whether you want trees planted on your home property or business, we can do it for you. We understand how important the beauty of your residential property is and know that if a tree removal service isn’t done properly, it could affect the sale price down to even client retention long-term. With our tree services available at affordable prices
in order to better serve all different types of customers looking for specific things like stump grinding (tree trimming) or lot clearing (excavation), don’t hesitate any longer about what type of service to choose!

Expert Crews

We believe that our work should be done with quality and care, not just for the sake of profits. That’s why we hire only certified arborists like yourself to handle all your tree needs – residential, commercial, or industrial. You can count on us when you need a reliable service partner who is licensed in Baton Rouge!

Sometimes people have misconceptions about affordable businesses being less knowledgeable than their more expensive counterparts but this isn’t always true; at Tree R us Tree Service., we train, experienced professionals who are reputable ones too so there’s no question of what kind of job they will do: whether it’s residential clearing out trees from around power lines or building climbing structures off-site using mobile cranes and bucket trucks while working 18 hours per day