Emergency Tree Service

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Emergency Tree Service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The trained experts at Trees R Us Tree Service of Baton Rouge can be on the scene quickly to provide the expertise you need and service your trees, removing them if necessary and restoring your landscape back to its natural beauty. We offer 24-hour emergency services for hazardous trees that have fallen and resulted in damage to your property. Our certified arborists will take care of any job you may have on your hands, including the removal and trimming of trees that are close to power lines or structures on your property. If a storm has broken branches or knocked over your trees, we can also provide emergency clean-up services and help get your property back into order. The experience we have in the industry allows us to deal with any situation you may face with tree service issues. Our certified arborists will assess the damage that has been done to your trees so they can give you a clear idea of how much work is needed, as well as how much it will cost to have our team on-site at your location. We take pride in offering fair rates for our services, and can quickly remove any hazardous trees from your property without interrupting other aspects of landscaping maintenance. If you are looking for emergency tree service in Baton Rouge, LA that is completed by trained professionals who use advanced, look no further.

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Storm Debris Clean Up

As soon as possible after a severe storm: Contact your insurance company to file a claim for damages to your property including any downed trees on your property. If you have homeowner’s insurance, it will cover damage caused by falling tree branches and/or partially uprooted trees but not damage caused by large fallen trees. Read your policy so you know exactly what parts of the house are covered by your insurance. Call the emergency contact number at your local utility company and report any damage, broken lines, or downed power/telephone poles on your property so they can send a crew to repair it. Have photographs of everything damaged by the storm ready as you make these calls since you may be asked for proof of damage for your insurance claim, and more importantly, have pictures to show anyone who asks what happened to your house. And remember: Do not touch anything that has fallen into or near a power line, even if it appears to be dead–it could still carry electricity! If a tree or large limbs fall on your property, please ensure that any contractor you hire to remove the tree is properly licensed to do this type of work, and most importantly, verify that the company or individual has insurance coverage, including liability insurance, in case his actions cause additional damage to your home.

Signs That You Need Emergency Tree Service

  • Tree Reaches Power Lines
  • Trunk Degeneration
  • Dead Brach
  • Hole in the trunk

Emergency Tree Removal

If you are having problems with fallen trees after a storm, call an emergency tree removal service to remove it immediately before someone is injured. Tree branches pose most of the risk caused by falling trees during storms but these hazards usually diminish quickly so time is of the essence when dealing with this situation. Another immediate danger from fallen trees is that of weakened trunks causing secondary failures just days later. All of this damage can be prevented if you have a well-trained emergency tree removal service to handle the situation. You will likely need an emergency storm removal service after most storms, but some that occur with specific timing require immediate attention. You can schedule an inspection of your property for dead and weakened trees with a tree company that does emergency tree removals. These professional companies have technicians who are trained to respond quickly in all weather conditions. What if you encounter a fallen tree on the road or sidewalk? Though it may seem safe to attempt to push over the hazard yourself, this is not advisable, especially after storms. You will likely end up causing more damage to vehicles and buildings or getting injured by falling branches and debris. Unfortunately, many people choose not to call arborist services when they have fallen trees at home during these events even though it’s needed most of the time.