Land Clearing

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Land Clearing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

If you’ve recently purchased land that you want to build on, then the words “land clearing” will probably be familiar. Land clearing is a process of removing trees and other obstructions from your property before building in order for it to become usable again. The pros are being able to use all the space, establishing new boundaries if one was not already set up beforehand, and saving time by having more open areas without anything blocking access points or pathways through them. It may sound daunting at first but don’t worry! You can find many different ways with which this task can be completed including hiring someone else who knows how best. Land clearing costs can be a little bit pricey, depending on how big the area being cleared is. Land clearing companies in Baton Rouge will likely use bulldozers and mulching machines to cut down trees and other obstructions until the desired result has been achieved which could take a few days. The method that you choose is completely up to you, but it may be smart to hire someone experienced with these things because they know what works best for each type of job. Land clearing can take a lot of time depending on the size and what has to be cleared, so it is important that you plan in advance. Trees R Us Tree Service will certainly leave your property feeling more open and spacious for someone who wishes to build or do other things with it.

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Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is a fairly common solution for property undergoing transformation, and the process consists of removing trees and shrubs from a plot of land. The removal itself can be done by hand or with heavy machinery depending on how many plants are being removed and who will do it. There’s so much more to this type of work than just chopping down trees. Whether it’s done via machinery or by hand, lot clearing is all about eliminating plants and vegetation from an area of land that will soon be developed into something new. Different projects require different methods for lot clearing. Some buildings will need to have a lot cleared around them to make room for new construction. It’s always important to consider property lines when clearing a lot because you don’t want the cleared area to extend over into other properties. You’ll need to find out whether your lot is being developed or subdivided so that you know who has legal rights to remove trees, what kinds of plants can be removed, and more. Lot clearing also varies in regard to the level of removal involved. Some lot clearing jobs require that all plants are completely eliminated while others call for selective removal only. This depends on how much the developer wants to maintain some of the natural appeals.

Equipment Needed for Land Clearing

  • Front Loaders
  • Bush Hogger
  • Large Chainsaw

Land Clearing Equipment

All of the equipment used is designed to move, load and dump. Land clearing equipment includes bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, grinders, and chippers. Land clearing is a big job that takes plenty of preparation. To start, you’ll need to inspect your land thoroughly for any obstacles or trees in the way. Take some time with this step and know what potential issues might arise when planning how to clear away unwanted materials on your property. Land clearing tools are designed to solve a number of problems. For example, large equipment can cut down and remove trees while small machines can collect branches too thin or light for the big machines to move. Land clearing machinery is all powered by either diesel engines or hydraulic systems, which allow it to work in virtually any terrain. Having equipment is essential in the development process of creating new roads or empty lots from once wooded land areas on your property.  Heavy machinery like bulldozers and scrapers can be used in the initial stages of land development to remove trees or other material on your property. This equipment makes inside work possible by cutting away at debris and trees with a variety of tools.