Stump Removal

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Stump Removal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Removing stumps from the ground has become a crucial part of landscaping. Many people do not mind seeing the stump for years to come, but others are more concerned about the aesthetics of their lawns and landscapes. The most common way to remove stumps is by cutting them out with a chainsaw or reamer. This will leave behind a lot of work that needs to be done to clean up the mess. The best way to remove stumps is by grinding them out with a stump grinder or stump cutter machine. Stump grinding is especially advantageous when removing thick tree stumps or stumps that have been left behind for years. They grind the stumps down into small chips and make cleanup much easier. It takes less time than cutting it out, and it leaves your yard looks cleaner and hands less dirty. Hiring professionals who specialize in this field will speed up the process because they already know how to use these heavy machines without causing damage to the yard. Know that the two most common types of stump removal are grinding stumps down to size and digging out the area where they used to reside. Grinding a stump is the process of cutting it into small pieces using heavy machinery. This does not mean you should purchase any old piece of equipment from your local hardware store, you should always hire a professional as they will know best how deep to cut the stump down. Digging out the area is almost always not feasible as it takes too much time and does too much damage. Call Trees R Us Tree Service today for a free consultation.

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Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps have been in existence for centuries, but the removal process is a relatively new phenomenon. The act of removing tree stumps has become more commonplace as it’s discovered that they can interfere with certain things such as landscaping or vehicles and electrical conductors which would be detrimental to everyday life without them removed. Tree roots also extend far into the ground so concrete and asphalt work becomes expensive when there are stump particles mixed within those substances due to their density making cementing difficult if not impossible at times. Most people don’t like the look of stumps after a tree has been cut down. More often than not, they typically just leave these stumps around their property until they grow tired of them. When this happens, it can be an inconvenience to the person living in that area because the stump can decrease the value of your home and create eyesores that you don’t want to see every day when you look outside your window. Stump removal is something that needs to be done as soon as possible so call Trees R Us Tree Service for fast service at affordable prices! The stump grinders that we use are very large machines that can turn anything into pulp in a matter of minutes. No stump is safe from our equipment and we will make sure you are completely satisfied with your removal process before we leave the Jobsite.

Four Ways to Remove Stumps

  • Burn The stump
  • Manually Remove by Excavation
  • Stump Grinding
  • Drill and Treat

Stump Grinding

After a tree falls in your yard, the stump is left behind. The natural beauty of what’s leftover may not work well with landscape design. For one thing, a remnant trunk can get in the way and it becomes difficult to maneuver around for purposes like mowing or weed eating. Plus, once you have fallen trees removed from your property they still are blocking off part of whatever landscaping plans were originally there before before anything was added on top! Stumps also tend to be breeding grounds for insects because logs provide perfect habitats: plenty of food sources such as wood that bugs eat but don’t digest; high humidity and cool temperatures (both required conditions); dark spaces so pests feel safe enough to breed without worry about predators coming after them; plenty of hiding places; and last but not least, a safe place to raise their young in the safety of an underground burrow. Stump grinding has become standard removal procedures for trees gone wild-or just fallen down by themselves. It’s also been known as debarking or root pruning. Tree stumps allow plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to return to the soil which can make them more useful to certain plants over time if done correctly. Removing tree stumps is crucial for ecological restoration purposes and it helps with aesthetics around people’s neighborhoods, too!