Tree Planting

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tree Planting in Baton Rouge

We make planting trees and flowers easy. We have over 40 plant varieties to choose from, which you can get delivered and planted whenever is convenient. mark the area for your new plants, and our dedicated team will make sure they’re planted before they leave. Before you plant, make sure your plants have the best chance of surviving. That means that they’ll be in a place with good drainage, the right amount of sun and wind protection, and free from nearby hazards. If you don’t know whether your plants will be happy at their new home, ask us — our experts are ready to give advice and help. If you’ve only imagined your garden or landscaping in your mind, it can be difficult to visualize the finished product. At Tree R Us, we’re happy to walk through the process with you and help you create a plan for your space.

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Importance of Tree Planting

  • Help fights Global Warming
  • Create Habitats for Wildlife
  • For our Health
  • For the Community