Tree Pruning and Trimming – Pro Tips


Why you should prune Your Trees?

A tree’s look can be changed with trimming and pruning. However, you shouldn’t try to make it unnaturally large or small because that could seriously harm the tree’s health. Tree pruning is essential for the safety and health of your property. Broken branches can fall off at any time, which makes them a serious hazard to those around them; they should be trimmed away ASAP. Prune tree limbs that obstruct vision while driving or grow too close to utility lines with contact from a local power company. If an infection occurs in your trees, strategically removing certain parts could help save its life! Thinning out crowns improves airflow- something beneficial, especially during summer months.”

Trees R Us tree service helping with tree pruning in Baton Rouge
Trees R Us tree service tree pruning in Baton Rouge

Tree Trimming Pro Tips

Keeping the following trimming techniques in mind will help to keep your trees healthy and looking their best. Before making a cut, look for the branch collar, which grows from the stem tissue at the bottom base of the branches. Look for the ridge on the upper surface that is parallel to the branch angle at the stem. Always cut outside bark ridges and angle down & away from stems; protect important collars with care! Use the same technique when removing dead or living limbs.” If a tree is too long, use the three-cut technique: make one notch on the side of the stem that faces away from its branch; then cut through both sides to remove it; lastly, clip off any remaining bits. This quick and efficient way will give you an attractive shape with little chance for error or confusion as suggested in this detailed guide to pruning trees.

Tree Pruning Pro Tips

Pruning is a great way to maintain the health of your tree and keeping up with regular pruning can save you time in future repairs. The proper tools are required for any type of job, so make sure that you have them before starting along with safety equipment such as gloves, ear protection or goggles, and sturdy shoes if climbing a ladder will be necessary. If possible hire someone who has experience performing professional tree trimming care techniques rather than trying it out yourself unless you’re experienced at this sort of work because mistakes made during these types of projects require expensive corrective actions by professionals in order to avoid further damage caused from neglecting an improperly trimmed or dying trees roots systems which could cause numerous difficulties later down the road like structural issues surrounding sidewalks/drive

Trees R Us aerial view during tree pruning job in Baton Rouge
Trees R Us tree service tree pruning in Baton Rouge, LA

Service Cost for pruning trees

Tree service is important to consider as an investment, and it’s crucial that the right company understands this. The best companies will show promptness in return calls with estimated delivery times, on-time arrival for projects, etcetera. At Trees R Us we try our hardest to make you feel like a part of the family we want your experience at