Tree Removal Cost 2021

Trees are beautiful, but they’re still just a part of nature. Sometimes you have to let them go for safety reasons – that way nobody gets hurt and your home doesn’t get damaged! If there’s an issue with the tree it might be best to cut it down yourself rather than wait until something bad happens. You’ll feel better about doing this when the time is right too…


The average cost of tree removal

So what does it cost to remove a tree? Well, the average tree removal cost ranges from $700-2000. Tree removal prices depend on how big and tall your trees are. Bigger trees generally tend to be more expensive since they require greater effort for workers (e.g., using different equipment). It is best if you hire an arborist – in most cases, these professionals have insurance that will cover damages or injuries caused by their work so make sure this detail isn’t overlooked when hiring someone! Just like any other job market out there – you’ll find cheap rates where contractors desperately try to get jobs done charging as little fees as possible but beware: even small tasks can lead down unexpected roads which may end up costing way too much. The tree removal cost should be a “you get what you pay for” type of consideration.

Trees R Us tree removal cost in Baton Rouge
Trees R Us employee removing tree and explaining tree removal cost

Factors that affect the cost of tree removal

Due to the fact that large trees require more heavy-duty equipment and there is a higher level of risk involved, so the tree removal cost can be significantly higher. While this may be true for some factors it should also be noted that other variables will go into determining how much you’ll pay including the overall condition of tree health; location where work needs to take place; access available at the site for removal company’s vehicles or crews etc.; type(s) and size/diameter (in inches)of material needed to be removed from the site after project has been completed among many others.

  • Size of tree
  • Type of tree
  • Condition of the tree
  • Emergency removal
  • Multiple Tree

Other tree service cost factors

Large trees cost more to remove due to increased equipment requirements, riskier removal processes, and additional waste. However, there are other factors that go into determining the price of tree removal services like location and size. Not to mention, anything that makes removing trees more difficult will cost even more. This includes sloped yards, rocky or muddy soil, and an angled trunk–or weak branches in the case of having a tree near power lines. If it’s risky to access or fell the tree for example if your house is close by you might get charged 50% extra on top of all other fees! When a tree needs to be removed and there are obstructions like buildings in the way, special machinery has to be used. This adds an additional cost of $500 minimum for cranes. You should be aware that there are many rules and regulations governing the removal of trees in your area, including some which can cost you more than $100 if broken. For example, to remove any tree taller than 10 feet requires a permit from city hall before work begins; failing to acquire this first could result in fines worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars later on down the road—so don’t forget!

Trees R Us large tree removal cost for customer in Baton Rouge

Other Services

  • Debris Removal
  • Stump Grinding/Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Emergency Tree Service