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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tree Service Baton Rouge

Tree Service in Baton Rouge is important because the city is located within a hurricane and thunderstorm zone.  In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, causing damage to trees and destroying property.   Additionally, tree service in Baton Rouge is necessary for the preservation of tree and plant life.  Many trees are more than 200 years old and are protected by the state. When this is the case, they must only be cared for by licensed specialists.  Property owners can be punished by law if they don’t hire licensed tree service companies to maintain the trees on their property. The trees of southern Louisiana add a special type of atmosphere. Trees have been used as a part of city planning since the 1970s.  All this has changed more recently with tree removal laws being enacted by the city board in 2008. Now, there are strict rules about the tree and plant preservation with tree service companies having to submit detailed tree management plans to city officials before any tree work can begin.  Cutting down some trees without prior approval is more than just illegal, it’s considered a serious felony.

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Creating a lush and thriving landscape around your home is an important part of having a beautiful and welcoming place to live. Trees accent all different kinds of ways. They can add worth to your house and joy to your life. It is vital for you tree care providers to be knowledgeable tree experts that have a lot of experience with all kinds of tree services like tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning or even stump removal. Protect your property value by maintaining the beautiful trees in your landscape. Trees can promote the growth of other plants and become a habitat to multiple different animals. Caring for these trees is part of our duty to look after the world around us while leaving it in better condition for future generations. Don’t hire just any tree service

Tree Care Tips

  • Plant the right tree
  • Keep trees away from the grass
  • Water it correctly
  • Use Fertilizer if needed
  • Control Pest

Quality Tree Service

Tree service has been a growing industry in the United States. The tree service industry benefits homeowners and communities by protecting property, preventing storm damage, improving tree health and creating jobs. While tree services are sometimes viewed as tree cutting companies, tree care is more than tree removal – it’s about tree health . There are several reasons why trees need to be properly maintained. Trees do a lot for the environment, including providing shade and oxygen. They also filter pollutants from the air by giving off cleansing chemicals and absorbing harmful substances. Trees help reduce runoff, which is an especially important function in urban areas where this pollution can be more concentrated than in rural areas. Tree branches also absorb water that would otherwise cause flooding. Storms can cause tree damage that costs billions of dollars every year. One out of four homeowners will have tree removal services at least once in their lifetime. Tree removal is a preventative measure that most tree service companies recommend, and it may be necessary due to tree health or safety issues. The cost of tree care is less than the